Basketball – research topic July & August 2023

Have you seen this video of a blind girl throwing a basketball into the basket?

Blind girl throws a basket on a basketball court in front of many spectators

For most people it seems unimaginable that blind or visually impaired people can also play basketball. In the video you can see how the blind girl is enabled to aim at the target by acoustic signalling. A long stick is tapped on the back of the basket in time, allowing the girl to perceive the postiton. According to research, acoustic signalling in sports for the blind is already often carried out permanently by technical signallers. But how could technical assistance systems be used to enable blind and visually impaired people not only to throw the basket, but also to play basketball in a group? Among other things, these systems would have to help recognise teammates/counterparts and prevent collisions.

Or else…

How could the game be adapted for blind or visually impaired people so that basketball can be played with a high fun factor?

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