Project childrens game “Donner-Wetter-Blitz”

Another project of the HTL Donaustadt deals with the well-known game “Donner-Wetter-Blitz”. Every one of us will have played this game at least once. But for those of you who have been out of it for too long, you can get acquainted with the simple gameplay here.

Gameplay: First, a caller is chosen. This child stands with his/her back to the others, who stand in a row at an appropriate distance from the start. The caller shouts “thunder – weather – lightning” and turns around in a flash. While the child is shouting, the others may approach the caller, but they must freeze when he or she turns around. Whoever is caught moving must return to the start. The winner is the child who first high-fives the caller. From 4 persons, from 5 years.

The development foresees to equip players who approach the caller with a belt on which there are vibration transmitters and a motion sensor, as well as a headband on which there is a position sensor.
If a player is still moving after the caller has turned around, he/she will be informed by means of vibrations (possibly also by an additional sound from a screen with loudspeaker placed next to the playing field). An additional screen will also display the current score of the game. As with all other projects, a technical assistance system that can be used not only by blind and visually impaired students but also by non-impaired persons. We are looking forward to the first games of students of the BBI (Bundesblindeninstitut Wien) together with students of our cooperation schools.

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